Thonon weight-reduction plan: ideas, menus, advantages, dangers


The Thonon weight-reduction plan was designed by the medical groups of the College Hospital Middle (CHU) of Thonon-les-Bains to assist sure obese sufferers lose their extra kilos. His promise? Lose as much as ten kilos in simply fourteen days. Supplied you comply with it to the letter and be accompanied by knowledgeable. Easy methods to proceed ? Is that basically cheap? Insights from Florence Foucaut, dietician-nutritionist, member of the French Affiliation of Dietitian Nutritionists (AFDN).

What’s the Thonon weight-reduction plan?

The Thonon weight-reduction plan is a high-protein, low-calorie, salt-free weight-reduction plan. Very restrictive, it due to this fact features a excessive consumption of proteins and utterly banishes lipids, carbohydrates and salt (which promotes water retention). Nonetheless, he proposes to eat the meals licensed at will, with out no amount restrictions. It’s primarily based mostly on the consumption of animal proteins and takes place in two phases: an assault part of two weeks, and a stabilization part which varies in response to the burden that has been misplaced.


What number of energy per day?

It’s by no means obligatory to rely the exact variety of energy ingested and expended within the context of weight reduction, however it’s important within the context of low-calorie slimming diets, as a result of the calorie consumption have to be decrease than the day by day expenditure. .

  • Part 1 of the Thonon weight-reduction plan: the assault

The primary part of the Thonon weight-reduction plan may be very restrictive: the day by day consumption should not spend 600 energy for the primary fourteen days. It’s only on this situation that the strategy guarantees a weight lack of round 10 kg in two weeks.

  • Part 2 of the Thonon weight-reduction plan: stabilization

After two weeks of intense weight-reduction plan, part 2 consists of reconnecting with a much less restrictive weight-reduction plan, whereas ensuring to stabilize your weight. The day by day calorie consumption stays restricted: from 1,200 to 1,500 energy per day most.

How lengthy does this weight-reduction plan final?

The Thonon weight-reduction plan gives three meals a day (morning midday and night). As acknowledged above, the primary part lasts 14 days and the stabilization part will depend on the ultimate weight reduction. Depend one week of restoration per kilo misplaced through the first part. For instance, should you managed to lose 7 kg through the first 14 days of the weight-reduction plan, you’ll have to respect the stabilization part for 7 weeks (rather less than two months).

What meals are allowed?

The Thonon weight-reduction plan being very restrictive, it permits little dietary range. You’ll be able to go for:

  • lean meats,
  • white fish,
  • seafood,
  • lean ham,
  • eggs,
  • inexperienced greens,
  • unsweetened fruit,
  • lemon
  • herbs and aromatics,
  • 0% yoghurts and dairy merchandise,
  • espresso and tea with out sugar,
  • and so forth

What meals are prohibited?

A number of meals are prohibited within the Thonon weight-reduction plan as a result of they’re too fatty, too candy or too salty:

  • refined cereals,
  • most starchy meals
  • sugar,
  • industrial and ready meals,
  • cookies, muffins, pastries,
  • sodas,
  • the alcohol,
  • and so forth

What menus within the assault part?

To finest respect the Thonon weight-reduction plan, repeat these menus twice in a row for 14 days

  • Breakfast: Espresso or tea with out sugar
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs & spinach at will with out fats
  • Dinner: a big steak or 3 small minced steaks & inexperienced salad and celery with lemon or olive oil
  • Breakfast: espresso or tea with out sugar & a little bit milk
  • Lunch: grilled steak & inexperienced salad and tomatoes with out oil & fruit at will
  • Dinner: ham cooked at will
  • Breakfast: espresso or tea with out sugar & a cereal roll
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs & inexperienced salad and tomatoes with out oil
  • Dinner: ham cooked at will & inexperienced salad with out oil
  • Breakfast: espresso or tea with out sugar & a cereal roll
  • Lunch: a hard-boiled egg & uncooked carrots with oil-free lemon & a slice of Gruyère cheese
  • Dinner: an entire pure yoghurt & fruits at will
  • Breakfast: espresso or tea with out sugar & grated carrots with lemon juice
  • Lunch: fish cooked in court-bouillon & 2 tomatoes with out oil
  • Dinner: grilled steak & inexperienced salad with lemon or olive oil
  • Breakfast: espresso or tea with out sugar & a cereal roll
  • Lunch: grilled hen at will
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs & carrots uncooked or cooked with out fats
  • Breakfast: espresso or tea with out sugar; a cereal bun
  • Lunch: a big grilled steak & limitless fruit
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs & carrots uncooked or cooked with out fats

What to eat through the stabilization part?

This second part makes it doable to regularly rehabilitate sure meals. Take inspiration from these suggestions to develop your menus:

  • A cup of tea or espresso or an infusion with out sugar
  • Low-fat yogurt or 100 grams of cottage cheese or a glass of skimmed milk
  • A slice of wholemeal bread or, failing that, white bread, with 10 grams of margarine
  • Recent fruit or a glass of fruit juice
  • 100 grams of lean white cheese or a small contemporary fruit
  • A cup of tea or an infusion with out sugar
  • 100 to 200 grams of uncooked greens of your alternative, with a French dressing comprised of a teaspoon of vegetable oil for important fatty acids
  • 100 to 150 grams of fish or lean meat (alternate with two eggs, twice every week) for protein
  • 100 to 200 grams of inexperienced greens of your alternative for nutritional vitamins and dietary fiber
  • 100 grams of lean unsweetened cottage cheese
  • A washed and unpeeled contemporary fruit

Afternoon snack

  • 0% fats yogurt
  • A scorching or chilly drink with out sugar
  • A bowl of selfmade vegetable soup for nutritional vitamins and dietary fiber
  • A small potato for carbohydrates
  • 100 to 150 grams of fish or meat cooked with out fats
  • 100 to 200 grams of inexperienced greens with 10 grams of margarine for important fatty acids
  • A slice of wholemeal bread ideally (or white)
  • A small fruit washed however not peeled

Quick weight-reduction plan: does the Thonon weight-reduction plan work?

“Sure, this weight-reduction plan works for weight reduction, says the nutritionist. And to proceed: It is mathematical: by consuming the naked minimal of energy, we drive our physique to attract on its reserves to operate”. In different phrases, as we don’t eat sufficient gasoline to usually feed our physique (unfavourable power stability ), the latter has no alternative however to dip into fats shops. It should due to this fact work because of its reserves and assault solely the fatty mass. Muscle mass is saved by excessive protein consumption.

Nonetheless, for the Thonon weight-reduction plan to be efficient, you need to scrupulously comply with the dietary suggestions, with out modifying the content material or the order of the imposed meals. “You even have to withstand frustrations and cravings, which requires plenty of motivation and dedication,” warns Florence Foucaut.

How to not achieve again the misplaced weight?

A small weight achieve sadly appears inevitable when going from 600 energy per day to 1,200 energy per day. To restrict this phenomenon and keep away from regaining weight, it could be obligatory to keep up a really low power consumption over the long run, which is clearly harmful for well being.

Thonon weight-reduction plan: what are the disadvantages and dangers?

The unfavourable factors of the Thonon weight-reduction plan:

  • Very low in energy, this weight-reduction plan generates sudden weight reduction which isn’t at all times properly supported.
  • It will probably generate important unwanted effects comparable to extreme fatigue, constipation, nausea, absence of menstruation in girls, and so forth.
  • By way of logistics and power, it makes it tough to keep up an energetic social life.
  • Let’s be sincere, it is also monotonous and moderately onerous to comply with. It promotes, in truth, frustrations and might set off dangerous behaviors (consuming habits issues), in susceptible folks, comparable to orthorexia or anorexia.
  • Furthermore, in the long run, the Thonon weight-reduction plan may show to be counterproductive, warns Florence Foucaut: it alters the metabolism and, in the long term, promotes weight achieve. Once we cease protecting our common day by day wants, our physique goes into “survival” mode and begins to retailer every little thing he can to top off. This provides rise to the well-known “yoyo” impact.

Can the Thonon weight-reduction plan generate deficiencies?

“Two weeks of assault adopted by a couple of weeks of consolidation are usually not sufficient to create deficiencies, the physique has sufficient reserves. Alternatively, as soon as the weight-reduction plan is over, some folks might discover it tough to reconnect with a balanced and diversified weight-reduction plan. On this case, we are able to worry the set up of deficiencies in micro-nutrients, hint parts, and so forth. “, estimates the professional.

Are Thonon weight-reduction plan and sport appropriate?

The Thonon weight-reduction plan doesn’t strictly talking embody bodily exercise in its program. Be that as it might, “given the low power consumption, it appears tough to contemplate sustaining bodily exercise usually with out medical supervision. Our physique wants a minimal of energy to cowl our day by day wants. It calls for much more once you play sports activities”, remembers the dietician-nutritionist.

Who’s any such plan for?

The Thonon weight-reduction plan might be thought of, underneath supervision, in case an individual needs to drop some weight quick. It has confirmed itself within the brief time period, however convinces few well being and diet professionals in the long run. Earlier than committing, it’s due to this fact higher to be in good bodily and psychological well being to guarantee that his physique and his morale will maintain up.

As a reminder, any such weight-reduction plan is not advisable for pregnant girls, who has very particular wants or folks affected by critical pathologies (until in any other case suggested by a health care provider)! He’s additionally prohibited for the aged, as they will promote undernutrition, muscle losing and lack of bone density. Lastly, there may be not advisable for kids and adolescentsgiven the power wants related to their development.

Weight reduction: what’s the handiest weight-reduction plan?

No matter your state of affairs and until medical recommendation on the contrary, it isn’t advisable to contemplate any such meals program independently. If you wish to drop some weight, seek the advice of a diet specialist and guess on an acceptable, balanced weight-reduction plan mixed with common bodily exercise.

Additionally work in your way of life: rethink your day by day actions, restrict sources of stress, undertake good sleep hygiene, give up smoking, and so forth. In case your kilos persist, presumably take into account a hormonal evaluation, and don’t hesitate to be accompanied by knowledgeable.

For or towards the Thonon weight-reduction plan? Dietitian’s opinion

Florence Foucaut: “The Thonon weight-reduction plan doesn’t correspond to official suggestions. Its power consumption is far too low. It will probably make it easier to drop some weight, however not sustainably and never in a wholesome and balanced method. Its composition generates long-term well being dangers. In the long run, similar to the impossibility of exercising usually within the assault and stabilization part, it inevitably results in weight achieve and dangers fueling many consuming issues. I don’t suggest any such weight-reduction plan to most people. To really feel higher in your physique, it’s higher to research your consuming habits and rebalance moderately than deprive your self.

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