“On set, what has not been eaten is given to the eating places of the center”


How did your ecological conscience come about?

Nagui – By phases. It was neither a revelation nor a lifelong wrestle, however extra of an evolution than a revolution. Already, by changing into a father, by recycling garments from one baby to a different. However the true set off was the invention of books by Pierre Rabhi, documentaries like Demain, by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion. Then, the opposite detonator befell when a pal confirmed us photographs of animal struggling in slaughterhouses. My spouse and I then turned vegetarians, leaving our youngsters free to eat what they need at associates’ or within the canteen. However, with us, there may be neither meat nor fish. On TV exhibits like at house, there are not any extra plastic bottles. To keep away from packaging, we went to bulk on the filming of the exhibits. An individual serves almonds, dried fruit, however no extra sweets, as earlier than. Sugar is a drug, I do not need to condone it anymore.

What’s your on a regular basis eco-friendly gesture?


Nagui – There are 100 and fifty. The opposite day I mentioned peeing within the bathe and other people reacted. However I discover it mind-blowing to throw away six liters of ingesting water as a result of I went to take my morning piss! Once I wash up, I choose a brief music on my telephone and have to be finished on the finish of the title.

Do you could have a slogan for a greener planet?

Nagui – Hubert Reeves advised me that the Earth will all the time be tremendous, in contrast to humanity. So, for me, residing collectively is crucial. This implies respecting animal sensitivity, the planet, its neighbour, human beings no matter their origin, their beliefs, their language, avoiding deforestation. Let’s additionally cease overconsumption. We’re in an infernal cycle which deserves to be identified, and above all we should decelerate.

On the units, what has not been consumed is given to the eating places of the center

Is your fridge 100% natural?

Nagui – Ah, trick query! All vegetables and fruit need to be. We do not purchase any industrial merchandise, not even a packet of biscuits. We go to the cheesemonger to decide on good cheeses, however not natural, relatively sheep and goat. Throughout the broadcasts, our technicians and friends are served natural dishes. Everybody chooses the amount they need, it avoids waste. When the meals are completed, what has not been eaten – however which is match for consumption, after all – is donated to the Restos du Coeur.

What non-eco-responsible gesture are you unable to vary?

Nagui – Use of computer systems and cell telephones. I can not do it, as a result of it is associated to my job. I do know that when you have not emptied your mailbox of all that was ineffective, there are computer systems on the opposite aspect of the world which might be working and that want air-con. I admit that with digital I don’t consider that we’re very clear by way of ecology. For a dozen years, I’ve had the possibility and the means to have an electrical automotive. However I’ve a ardour for classic vehicles which run on gasoline. I exploit it about ten days a yr.

What relationship do you could have with nature?

Nagui – I grew up by the water, with my toes within the sand and my head within the solar, so my relationship with nature is revitalising, particularly for the reason that metropolis is oppressive. The air I breathe when leaving the machine is extra nice. As quickly as I am fortunate sufficient to have just a few days off, I hop on a prepare to go to the Côte d’Azur, the place I’ve associates, household and a trip spot.

Planet rhymes with…

Nagui – Amourette! For me, in love, the query of respect is central, however it has to work each methods. But when one damages the opposite, it’s now not love. On the size of the planet, we’re a small ant, our passage is infinitesimal and, paradoxically, we behave like a predator who doesn’t care what is going to occur subsequent.

What would you wish to say to the Earth to consolation her?

Nagui – If there was one phrase to say to him, it might be: “Excuse me! We understood, we are going to proceed to stroll just a little manner collectively with out hurting one another. As a result of it’s accused of all evils with its storms, its tsunamis, its cyclones, however we’re chargeable for them. We’re effectively conscious of an injustice, since those that are are usually not, normally, the primary victims. The rising waters are destroying locations the place individuals dwell who will lose their island, their tradition, their house as a result of, on the opposite aspect of the planet, forests are burned to apply intensive livestock farming. It is not very constant. It is extra as much as the Earth to inform us one thing than to us. She tries anyway. It is as much as us to hear.

What message would you could have for kids?

Nagui – Right here once more, it’s the new technology that has a message for us. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry factors out: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our youngsters. Once I see mine, I guarantee you that I’ve limitless confidence sooner or later, as a result of this new technology is extra enlightened, extra motivated nonetheless to dwell in respect of nature. The Greta Thunberg technology is actually encouraging.

* With particularly Jacques and Thomas Dutronc, firstly of November, on France 2.

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