In Anthea, the Depend of Monte-Cristo places us head to head with everlasting injustice


On the boards of the Antibes theater till October 20, the Collectif 8 presents its reinterpretation of Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece. He mixes actors and digital arts for a timeless imaginative and prescient of injustice, deviations from energy, cash and the system. A scorching matter? Perhaps…

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On the stage, a dice. 4 canvases, like so many screens on which the surroundings of a life in a novel is projected.

First scene: bars. These of a cell within the jail of the Château d’If in Marseille, the place Edmond Dantès has been locked up for 13 years.

“What’s your crime?” asks the opposite prisoner.

“Crime? I’ve not dedicated any crime. I’m harmless!”

That is the unique evil: injustice.

The one among which Edmond Dantès was the sufferer, and with out which the Depend of Monte-Cristo would by no means have existed, character with many faces that Dantès will assume, as soon as escaped, to take revenge, methodically, of every of these answerable for his misfortune. Throughout his path of revenge, he’ll himself use, as in judo, the deviations of the system of which he has been the sufferer: cash, energy, private pursuits, the vices of justice.

Gaële Boghossian, the director of Collectif 8 who tailored the novel by Alexandre Dumas, modified the period. From the reign of Louis XVIII, she transposed the story to the Second World Struggle: “It was the period that appeared to me essentially the most common. After I deal with the political scenario of the time of Monte-Cristo and the Second World Struggle, I discover many echoes of wars, of political methods on the half of people that have skilled reversals whereas holding… the nice facet of the jacket”.

And it’s exactly these flaws, in his targets who’ve grow to be notable, that Monte-Cristo will use for his revenge.

His path will take him from Marseille to Paris. A bourgeois home. The headquarters of a serious financial institution. A cemetery. The opera. As a lot settings wherein the digital creations of Paulo Correia immerse us. The Collectif 8 video creator invents dreamlike universes that don’t have any ambition to look actual.

“I attempt to illustrate what’s going on within the character’s head. Make the viewer perceive that we’re in a projection of his thoughts, and never in actuality”explains Paulo Correia. “I instantly labored on the birds. I appreciated that there have been birds all over the place. Too many, too many birds, which after all signify freedom”.

In these settings, Paulo Correia himself will evolve, since he’s additionally the actor who embodies Monte-Cristo. With Damien Rémy within the position of Abbé Faria, a form of Jimini Cricket accompanying him like his conscience, they’re the solely two actors within the flesh on stage, giving the reply to a large number of digital characters.

Danglars, Fernand and de Villefort, the three males who threw Dantès into jail, will in flip see this Depend of Monte-Cristo enter their lives. Mysterious character who will work, maneuver, patiently, methodically, till their destruction. How far is he prepared to go to fulfill his need for private justice? The questioning underlying the story of Monte-Cristo is, for Gaële Boghossian, eminently topical.

“This injustice, all of us expertise it. I used to be struck by the resurgence of people that have been doing justice to themselves by social networks, as a result of Justice had not answered them. I actually questioned myself on this concept of ​​getting justice itself. What upheaval, what disaster can this trigger?”

As a result of, as simply and legit as Dantès’ preliminary venture was, “he’ll pervert, till he turns into a monster”.

How far will Monte Cristo’s revenge go? And the way far are you able to go to revive an injustice of which you have got been the sufferer? Attempt to face this questioning with the Collectif 8 and its Monte Cristo, on the stage of Anthéa, in Antibes, till October 20. After which he’ll go on tour.

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