Beware of those alarmist publications on the donation of blood from folks vaccinated in opposition to Covid


In line with a number of publications shared on social networks, transfusing blood from an individual vaccinated with a messenger RNA vaccine to an unvaccinated recipient could be harmful as a result of the latter would obtain harmful proteins, scientific “examine” in assist. However that is false, clarify the specialists interviewed by AFP, who stress that such a threat is unfounded and that the “examine” cited is “unrelated to blood donation”.

“They Dared: American Crimson Cross Caught Mixing Vaccinated Blood with Unvaccinated Blood…”headline articles from the Cogiito, Mirastnews and Anna-bella blogs printed on the finish of September and translated from English.

Additional on, the creator explains, with supporting examine, that “The explanation that is extremely problematic is that vaccinated blood is tainted blood, which means the recipient will obtain all the spike proteins and different toxins produced by the vaccines in the one that obtained them.”

He concludes : “The Crimson Cross is poisoning the our bodies of already sick individuals who desperately want clear, wholesome blood.”


These messages additionally started to flow into on Fb and Twitter, after the publication of a message by the Crimson Cross on September 14 explaining in English to not “point out on the blood baggage whether or not they comprise the blood of a vaccinated individual or not, as a result of the vaccine in opposition to Covid doesn’t move by means of the bloodstream and doesn’t current any threat to the recipient”.

No distinction for licensed vaccines

Requested on October 8, the American Crimson Cross reaffirmed to AFP that it doesn’t make any distinction, throughout transfusion to recipients, between donors vaccinated or not vaccinated in opposition to Covid-19, specifying that the FDA, the US drug company, doesn’t require it.

The American Crimson Cross specifies on its web site that one can donate blood after having been vaccinated in opposition to Covid. There’s no particular deadline to be noticed after an anti-Covid vaccination with an permitted vaccine.

Then again, the donor should present the identify of the producer and the kind of vaccine used to make sure that it’s certainly a vaccine permitted in the US, it’s specified.

Screenshot taken on October 14, 2022 on the Crimson Cross web site

In France, it’s the French Blood Institution (EFS), which manages blood donations.

Its medical director, Pascale Richard, defined to AFP on October 7 that there’s additionally no distinction between blood donations from folks vaccinated in opposition to Covid-19 and never vaccinated. The donor’s vaccination standing just isn’t even requested in France.

There isn’t any time restrict after vaccination with vaccines licensed on the French market. “Solely in instances of vaccination outdoors the EU or within the context of a vaccine trial, there can be a 28-day deadline earlier than donating blood“, already specified the group in 2021.

“No post-vaccination viral protein transmission by blood transfusion”

Opposite to what’s said within the article, “Blood donations from folks vaccinated in opposition to Covid-19 are secure for transfusion”, the American Crimson Cross instructed AFP on October 8.

“Like different vaccines comparable to these in opposition to measles, mumps or influenza, the Covid vaccination is designed to generate an immune response to assist shield an individual in opposition to illness, however the vaccine elements themselves are usually not discovered within the bloodstream“, she nonetheless assured.

The spike protein (or “Spike” in English), positioned on the floor of Sars-CoV-2, is the one that enables it to connect to human cells and enter them to contaminate it. Messenger RNA vaccines purpose to make the human physique produce this protein – which in isolation is innocent – to set off an immune response.

Presentation of messenger RNA vaccine expertise (JOHN SAEKI, LAURENCE CHU / AFP)

Thus, the organism is “educated” to successfully and instantly struggle Sars-Cov-2 if it have been to be actually contaminated.

“The very precept of messenger RNA vaccination is to precise the Spike protein to immunize however there isn’t a post-vaccination viral protein transmission by blood transfusion“, defined to AFP on October 6 the professor of hematology on the Georges Pompidou hospital David Smadja.

“The injected RNA solely has a lifespan of some hours at most within the vaccinated organism, and the viral protein fragments of which it permits the synthesis, additionally having a really quick lifespan, of order of some hours at most, are now not produced when all of the RNA has itself disappeared”, abounded on October 12 to AFP Frédéric Altare, analysis director at Inserm.

Consequently, vaccinated folks “have stored as a organic ‘reminiscence’ of their vaccination solely the truth that their very own immune cells have discovered to acknowledge the antigens of the virus, and subsequently the virus in the event that they re-cross it sooner or later, however no hint both of the vaccine or of what it contained is now not current within the days following the vaccination and can subsequently under no circumstances be transmitted to 3rd events throughout a blood transfusion“, continued the immunologist.

The FDA, questioned in July 2021 by the American Affiliation of Blood Banks on this query, defined that at “Presently, there isn’t a proof to counsel that blood transfusion from those that have obtained the COVID-19 vaccine is related to an elevated threat of antagonistic occasions in recipients”.

In France, the Excessive Council for Public Well being beneficial in February 2021, “that no exclusion, even very non permanent, be made for a blood donation” from folks vaccinated in opposition to Covid-19.

“These vaccines, though new each by way of their mode of motion and their very current launch in the marketplace, can’t be more likely to comprise any aspect doubtlessly harmful for a recipient of merchandise of the human physique coming from a donor. lately vaccinated”concluded this continuing in an 18-page discover devoted to this problem.

A examine “restricted and unrelated to blood donation”

To say {that a} blood transfusion between vaccinated and non-vaccinated could be dangerous, the article cites a examine (archived right here) printed in English on September 22, 2022 within the journal Vaccine and titled “severe antagonistic occasions of specific curiosity following mRNA vaccination in opposition to COVID-19 in randomized trials in adults”.

Screenshot taken on 10/14/2022

However “the examine cited within the article consists of a listing of unintended effects [de la vaccination anti-Covid par ARN messager, NDLR] that are under no circumstances linked to a circulation of viral protein, so there isn’t a hyperlink with supposed unintended effects throughout blood transfusions”, estimated Dr. Smadja after studying this examine for AFP.

“This examine is restricted and has no reference to blood donation.g. She mentions uncommon unintended effects related to vaccines: allergy symptoms, issues with thrombosis or coronary heart issues that we already know. If somebody presents these indicators he’s in any case ‘deferred’ from blood donations since you have to not have any signs to donate blood. If the signs seem after the gathering, the donor should additionally report this and the samples involved are destroyed.abounded Pascale Richard, who additionally learn the examine in query.

“The authors have aggregated the information from two research which correspond to 2 totally different vaccines utilized in examine populations that are totally different, specifically for Pfizer wholesome folks and at Moderna folks liable to creating Covid and who can’t these causes to be in contrast. There’s a entire web page on the constraints of their examine because the authors themselves say”, identified the medical director of the EFS.

AFP has already verified greater than 800 claims about Covid-19.

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